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what are the signs of luigi

signs of luigi:
biscuit crumbs everywhere
distant sobbing sounds
sound of someone falling over in another room
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do NOT be a slightly higher res
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More Life Hacks Here
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man thinking about that post like

social justice warriors are sometimes the leeroy jenkins, they rush right in usually without buffs, without enough equipment, and probably in misguided and counterproductive ways but their hearts are usually in the…

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"In the same way that Dexter’s Laboratory and the Powerpuff Girls introduced a new style of cartoons 15 years ago, [Pendleton] Ward and his contemporaries have ushered in a new era today. […] 15 years ago, Adventure Time might have been too weird to survive on TV, but now the world has wholeheartedly embraced its weird charm. And in doing so, dozens of other animators now have the freedom to create the quirky cartoons they want while drawing in the kind of audiences network executives love to see."

- Source (via cartoonhangover)
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a giant woman!!!
(this took me forever cries)
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Prop Designs from Wall-E
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The Novelist as Litmus Test


A proposed test for emotional complexity in games: “Is it possible for a novelist to be born in this videogame, and base his work upon it?”

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transparent, pious gamzee wooo